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BAC HUD. It's best HUD


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how to get best hud?

let's find out.

-step 1.

download (BAC HUD)

-step 2.

unzip or extract to where you downloaded the file so you now have just a folder.

-step 3.

go into the new folder you just made.

you should see a folder called "mods" and another file called "IPHLPAPI.dll".

-step 4.

drag your mouse over both of these files.

-step 5.

right click and press copy.

-step 6.

open up your steam library.

-step 7.

find payday 2 in your steam library.

-step 8.

right click and find and click on properties then click to the local files tab.

-step 9.

click on the button that says "browse local files" this will bring up a folder that has most of payday2's files in it.

it should look like the before picture.

-step 10.

right click somewhere in this folder and paste the files we copied over,

if you have modded before use your best judgement on what you replace.

if it worked correctly it'll be like the after picture.

-step 11.

go run payday2 like you ussually would.

once in the main menu go to options>LUA mods and it will show you what components of BAC HUD you have installed.

If you don't like anything you can turn it off here.

-step 12. ?????.

-step 13. profit.

thank killer for readme